08/04/2021 Major changement !

- fitting tool v1.0.10 has been released to the public stable release.

- Added Graphs for the locking time vs other ship in the fitting tool.
- Added restrictions on fitting modules to match in game, the current modules restrictions enabled are :

  • Shield Field Modules
  • Armor Link Modules
  • Covert Ops Modules
  • Interdiction Spheres Modules
  • Warp Disruptions Field Generators Modules
  • Command Burst Modules
  • Reactive Shield Modules
  • Reactive Armor Modules
  • Damage Control Modules
  • Strip Miner Modules

- Added a modal to tell you when you can't fit a modules due to unmet requirement.
- Added Shield Passive Regen to the EHPS formula.
- Added remote shield boosters / armor repairers to the optimal/falloff range section.
- Added the display of the current tracking values for Turrets and Drones.
- Added all non released E-war ships
- Added all non released Command ships
- Added all t1 ships as requested
- Added all non released Armored/Shield/Skirmish/Information Burst Modules.
- Added a "No Damage" Damage pattern profile to see how a reactive module or others would behave per default when not being attacked.

General website :
- Added filtering possibilities for all Regions, Constellations, Solar Systems.
- Added total sum calculation for industry tools
- Added skills selections and characters for the industry tools

- Optimised UX for mobile on all pages.
- Optimised numbers in the fittings tools to separate them by comma on big numbers.
- Optimised dropdown colors to match the deeper level reached.

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