Eve Echoes Fitting tool changelog
16/09/2021 v1.0.13 public release

-Fixed shield extender and armor place ehp activation bonus not being taken into account in the calc.

-Fixed ship mode being still active from a previous ship when changing to another ship in the same session.

-Fixed nanocore main and sub affix being still active from a previous ship when changing to another ship in the same session.

-Updated items balance changes (most of them ninja change not appearing on any patch note)

-Added praxis and the other new ships.

-Added Nanocores

-Added Nanocores main affix and sub affix with selectable levels.

-Added Integrated rigs, there is no restriction on the same rigs family for now but this check will be added later.

-Added Text export for both nanocores and integrated rigs.

-Added the possibility to save fittings including with nanocores and integrated rigs.

-Added Space Detection Modules ( Wide resonances Scanner,Narrow resonance Scanner, Analysis Devices)

12/05/2021 v1.0.12 public release

-Added ability to select skillset from 5/4/0 and 5/5/3 ( so you can now choose from 0/0/0 , 5/4/0 , 5/5/3 , 5/5/5)

-Added damage types info in both fitting tool and gamedata wiki page for all weapons and drones.

-Added "time to hit maximum velocity" in the fitting tool.

-Added "Velocity VS Orbit Graph" in the fitting tool.

-Added ability to collapse all sections on the ship fitting screen (offense, defense, capacitor, targeting, velocity, cargo hold).

-Changed all slots beside high and drones to be online/passive by default instead of active.

-Moved Testserver data to his own fitting tool as to not confuse people with unreleased ship.

-Added capacitor recharge rate graph and capacitor stability over time graph in the fitting tool.

- Updated all ships and modules to reflect the balance patch.

08/04/2021 v1.0.10 public release

- Added Graphs for the locking time vs other ship in the fitting tool.

- Added restrictions on fitting modules to match in game, the current modules restrictions enabled are :

- Shield Field Modules

- Armor Link Modules

- Covert Ops Modules

- Interdiction Spheres Modules

- Warp Disruptions Field Generators Modules

- Command Burst Modules

- Reactive Shield Modules

- Reactive Armor Modules

- Damage Control Modules

- Strip Miner Modules

- Added a modal to tell you when you can't fit a modules due to unmet requirement.

- Added Shield Passive Regen to the EHPS formula.

- Added remote shield boosters / armor repairers to the optimal/falloff range section.

- Added the display of the current tracking values for Turrets and Drones.

- Added all non released E-war ships

- Added all non released Command ships

- Added all t1 ships as requested

- Added all non released Armored/Shield/Skirmish/Information Burst Modules.

- Added a "No Damage" Damage pattern profile to see how a reactive module or others would behave per default when not being attacked.

- Optimised numbers in the fittings tools to separate them by comma on big numbers.

- Optimised dropdown colors to match the deeper level reached.

02/04/2021 v1.0.9 public release

- Changed reactive hardener formula to take into account more rebalance tick ( currently hardset to stop at a total of 7 rebalance) to be more accurate.

- Added group capacitor modules effects in the capacitor recharge rate formula.

- Added calculation for repair rate and EHP repair rate

- Added calculation for EDPS with a selectable target resistance pattern profile.

- Added falloff and optimals for ewars modules

- Added Ship Mode bonus toggle for all specifics ships.

- Optimised the Optimals and falloffs category to split by "Turrets and Launchers" "Drones" and "Ewars" and added a way to collapse /show the category itself.

- Optimised the fittings slot to collapse /show the slots.

24/03/2021 v1.0.8 public release

- Added Warp Preparation time stat

- Added Skills and roles bonus informations for ships

- Fixed general priority order for penalty count formula

- Fixed module bonus based on skill level that was always at a minimum on level 1 skill instead of 0 when you dont have the required skill.

- Fixed Inertia modifier stat to show up to 6 figures after the comma.

- Fixed Railguns damage profile which had the wrong % set (was at 62%TH instead of 38% and 38% KI instead of 62%KI)

- Current ongoing bug : Reactive hardeners appear to not have the right formula to rebalance the resistance, I'm aware of that and need to do further test to fix it.

16/03/2021 v1.0.7 public release

- Added mining calculated stats

- Added special cargo hold display

- Added quicksave feature for saving your fit and sharing it via url

- Fixed shield field module not giving the additional shield resistance when activated

- Improved UI on mobile for the fitting tool

- Improved backend api that should now be responding really fast for the fitting tools.

12/03/2021 v1.0.6 public release

- Fixed powergrid calculation issue when a drone was added to a ship

- Fixed Damage control modules activation bonus not being taken into account

- Fixed Maximum target lock to take into account ship and max allowed from skill

- Fixed some attribute value to be "less" precise like in game

- Added Damage profile selection

- Added Reactive hardener modules rebalancing resistance based on current damage profile selection

- Added alert when the current character skills are not set or are set to all 0.

- Improved the accuracy and falloff display to show up to 2x falloff and the success chance

11/03/2021 v1.0.5 public release

- fixed ehp calculation, separated in two distinct group:

- lowest resistance profile like in game fitting

- current damage profile which will be dynamic ( currently set to omni 25/25/25/25)

- fixed Aux thruster rigs not being taken into account

- Improved capacitor Simulation time formula to be on par with in game fitting ui.

- Added Shield and Armor Extender modules online and activation bonus.

- Fixed Reactivation time delay not taken into account in the capacitor simulation.

09/03/2021 v1.0.4 public release

- Added modules informations and details of stats from each fitted modules

07/03/2021 v1.0.3 public release

- Fixed nosferatu module being always taken into account even if not activated

- Added Can-Yue and Xian-Yue ship

- Improved display of rigs to add another level of menu to reduce scrolling

- Added ability to quicksave the current fit to the website (Beta users access only)

- Added ability to see and share users fit and import them in the fitting tool (Beta users access only)

04/03/2021 v1.0.2 public release

- Fix reactive armor that was not being calculated correctly

- Fix calculation and add calculated stats for prop mod(microwarpdrive and afterburner)

01/03/2021 v1.0.1 public release

- Added first iteration for the optimal and falloff range for the turret, launcher and drones

- Added all prototypes rigs

- Added Activation bonus calculations on the following mods category :

- Thruster Upgrades

- Weapon Upgrades

- Added codified color for each state of the module :

- Light Blue when it is Active

- Green when it is online but not active

- Red when it is offline

27/02/2021 v1.0.0 public release

First version released to the public